Welcome to PEIVMA

The Prince Edward Island Veterinary Medical Association (PEIVMA) is the regulatory body for veterinarians and the practice of veterinary medicine in Prince Edward Island. Veterinarians must be members of the PEIVMA and licensed by the PEIVMA in order to practice veterinary medicine in the province.

The PEIVMA and veterinarians in Prince Edward Island strive for excellence in the practice of veterinary medicine and the setting of practice standards. We endeavor to do this through our support of continuing education programs, and the work of the PEIVMA Council, committees and members. The veterinary profession is deeply committed to promoting animal health, animal care and welfare, food safety and responsible animal stewardship, and preventing public health problems related to animal disease. If you have any specific questions about your animal, please consult your local veterinarian. There are qualified members in your area that would be glad to assist you. Kindly refer to this site or your local telephone book under veterinarian.

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Members of the Prince Edward Island Veterinary Medical Association are cordially invited to attend their Annual General Meeting 2018 (date tbd; watch this space) at 3.00 pm at the Rodd Charlottetown Hotel